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Coerver® Performance Academy 

Foot Skills,One-on-One Games, and More
“The team that wins the majority of the individual duels in a game will win the majority of the games.” – Anson Dorrance 


Strong one-on-one skills are a huge asset for a soccer player. Just about every game situation includes individual attacking and defending.1v1 play is at the heart of Coerver® training and instruction. Our Academy programs are designed to focus on Ball Mastery Skills. Academy programs also emphasize technical work on striking the ball, to increase power and accuracy with both feet. 

The Coerver® Soccer School is a technical development program for youth soccer players that is brought to you by Coerver® Coaching, “The world’s number 1 soccer skills teaching method”, and their international partner, adidas®.  Coerver® Coaching Schools operate around the world with the aim of maximizing each player’s development.

This is achieved by providing each player with a market-leading player package that has been designed to maximize the technical, physical, psychological and social development potential of each player.  The program is delivered using professional coaching, age-specific technical and physiological programs, and an extensive support program on and off the training field.  Our aim is to develop confident and creative players while teaching essential social skills such as good sportsmanship and respect, in addition to a good attitude to practice and play.

The Performance Academy Enrollment and Placement

Players ages 7-15 will be grouped in 3 different Level Programs; Developmental, Advanced and Elite. Parents may register players for the appropriate level based on prior Coerver experience.  A Coerver Staff Coach will recommend changes as necessary in session 1 to ensure players are not over challenged or under challenged as success breeds confidence.  

-Developmental Academy - is open to competitive players as well as players aspiring to be more competitive players. Players will focus on learning the basic moves along with all soccer technical skills.  1v1 moves will be learned to beat an opponent, keep possession, and to create space and time to pass, run or shoot.  Finishing skills will be incorporated and emphasized.  

-Advanced Academy - This will be open for players who have participated in a Coerver program in the past and are recommended for the Advanced Level by a Coerver Staff. It is also available for ODP level players, including premier club players who possess the technical qualities to be able to function at the Advanced level. The integration of speed, strength, and conditioning training with the advanced Coerver movements creates a transformation in the basic movement of the player.  Players will learn how to combine the many moves from 1V1, into combination play in 2v2, 3v3  and larger activities.  Progressions are included to increase both mental and physical speed of play.  The group play activities will incorporate defense, fast break attack and combination play.  

-Elite Player Program (EPP) - when offered, this program will only be open to players who have been part of the Coerver Advanced Academy and are recommended by Coerver Staff from camps or other programs.  This is an elite training program that combines and integrates speed, strength, conditioning, with specific movements and skills, and then develops application to game situations.  It focuses on the development of the players technical, physical, and mental speed of play.  

Details on the specific program elements and included testing, assessment, etc... are available on an individual basis.  Talk to Anthony or call (208) 884-3285  


Our program is a non-affiliated player development academy which prides itself on the ability for players to develop their technical skills in an environment which is condusive to player development. As a result, we will not encourage the politics of recreational or club soccer to influence our learning environment.  Each Performance Academy player will be required to purchase the Coerver Coaching uniform.  Complete uniform purchase is only required upon initial registration, if any item of the uniform requires replacement due to loss, damage or growth, items may be purchased individually or as a complete replacement uniform kit. Uniform fees will not be refunded after distribution.

NonRefundable Fee

This program has a $50 non-refundable registration fee.  Additionally, the fees for the uniform are not refundable once the program has begun.  Please see our Refund Policy for additional information.  


Qualities of Coerver Player


Player Package


The Performance Academy offers a market-leading player package that has been designed to maximize the Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social development potential of each player:

  • Technical Coaching from Coerver® Staff Trainer
  • Coerver® Coaching/adidas® Training Jersey
  • Coerver® Coaching/adidas® Training Shorts
  • Coerver® Coaching/adidas® Training Socks
  • Opportunities to purchase Coerver® Coaching/adidas® Apparel
  • Discounts on other Coerver® programming
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