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How do I Register?

Just click on the Registration Info tab and select the appropriate camp or program from the drawdown menu.  From there you will be asked to create an account and in a few minutes you will be ready to go.  If you choose to register and pay by check, you can call us at: 208 884-3285 and we will arrange to handle everything by mail. 


How are players placed in groups during summer camps?

Our placement system puts campers into groups with other players of similar ability, experience, and age levels.  The placement is designed to give each player their own best chance for success.


Can I request my child be placed in a group with a friend or teammate(s)?

Our placement system groups players with other players of similar ability and experience.

Some factors that go into placing your child into a group include: age and previous Coerver® Camp/Academy experience. Coerver® programs include several activities to help kids get to know one another, and create a welcoming environments for them to build friendships. Because of our desire to advance every player, we cannot move players to different groups unless recommended by their coach.  In most cases, your child will probably be placed in the same session with their friends, unless there are significant differences in their ability levels. 


Where do I find the cancellation/refund policy for the program I'm signed up for?

The Cancellation/Refund Policy link is located under the FAQ's tab.

I missed a few days of my camp/program, can I get it prorated?

Unfortunately, we cannot prorate our programs.


The program I want to attend is sold out, is there anything I can do to get in it?

If the camp you wish to attend is full, please register for the wait list. If a spot opens up we will notify you ASAP.


Can I switch my child from one camp registration to another camp during the summer?

Changes are dependent on availability.  We want to work with you anyway we can.  Some of our camps sell out really quick and may have a waiting list.  Once again, we will try to do whatever it takes to work with you if we can.


If my player is absent the last day of camp, what should we do?

Testing, certificates, and awards are given out the last day of camp. If your camper will miss the last day, please let your coach know as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to get you everything before the last day.

If you have a friend participating in the same camp, your friend can let their coach know and pick that up for your child.


What should my player bring to camp or the academy each day?

▪               Ball - write name and phone number on it

▪               Appropriate athletic wear and footwear for the playing surface

▪               Shin guards (required to be worn at all times on the field)

▪               Sunscreen (as needed)

▪               Water bottle

▪               Snack (around 100 Calories)


Can my child refill their water at camp?

Yes!  We always have access to drinking water.  We ask that each camper bring their own, filled, water bottle each day.  We encourage them to hydrate and refill their bottle as much as needed. 


What if my child gets injured at camp?

A copy of the medical information and contact information you provided during registration is kept on location for use in case of injury or emergency.  A Camp representative will contact you immediately with the information you provided.


My child has a medical condition and I would like to leave something with the coach. How can I do that?

When you check in on the first day of camp, let the staff member know so proper attention can be given. Please bring your items in a zip-lock bag (or container) with your campers name on it.


Will there be shade?

Yes, we are responsible for providing shade.  We also provide extra filtered drinking water (for players to Refill, their bottles), and during hot days we have misters and portable fans to cool the players down.  If a camper wants to bring misters, an umbrella, or similar sun shade they are encouraged to do so.


The weather is looking bad, how will I know if a camp or program is canceled and if I should pick up my player?

Camp continues through rain, but in case of a lightning storm in close proximity to camp, or extreme weather, play will be halted and campers moved to cover until a minimum of 30 minutes have passed.   If there is a concern beforehand, you can call our coerver line, or see if there is a text or email notification.


Are snacks provided during camps?

No. Campers must bring their own snacks or energy bars during camps.


What should I do on the first day of a program?

Show up about 20-25 minutes early for the first day.  Look for our Coerver® banners and/or pop-up tents, and Check in with the Coerver® staff.  Based on the field venue, if parents wish to stay and observe we may ask them to stay in a particular area.  This has helped allow the players the opportunity to have a real camp experience and avoid distractions that have affected many players and their campmates.  




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